Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Shampoo/Conditioner资生堂FINO美容复合精华无硅洗发水/护发素
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*for damaged hair


*moist hair

SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch the Shampoo restoring for an oily and normal hair with the maintenance of a uterine milk of bees with flower aroma 550ml. Soft shampoo ideally looks after both hair, and head skin! Restores gloss and elasticity, revitalizes hair follicles. Active components - extracts of a uterine milk of bees strengthen the weakened roots, tighten tissues of hair, return them natural beauty. Vegetable proteins and lipids restore proteinaceous structure of a hair, "repairing" the damaged surface and sticking together the whipped hair tips. Possesses refined flower and fruit aroma with amber notes of musk. Structure: water, polyoxyethylene laurilefirsulfat, kokoilmetiltaurin sodium taurine, kokamid propilbetain, DPG, glycol distearate, sorbitol, propylene glycol laurinat PG, sodium chloride, guagidroksipropiltrimonium chloride, kationizirovanny hydroxyethyl cellulose-2, RSA, the hydrogenated protein of wheat, polikvaternium-64, the hydrogenated wheat starch, extract of a uterine milk of bees, lemon acid, etilendiamintetraatsetat, BG, butilenglikol, salt of sorbic acid, benzoate, phenoxyethanol, paraben. Method of application: apply on moist hair, make foam, then carefully wash away water. Attention: You store in packing of the producer at the room temperature in the place, inaccessible for children. #fino #shiseido #hairtreatment #haircare #hairshampoo #hairconditionerl

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1 x Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Shampoo or Conditioner